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Family Counseling






When To Seek Help


Sometimes, families have trouble working through an unexpected crisis or stressful event. Or, perhaps constant family bickering is making home life difficult. Often, when one member of the family causes “trouble”, it indicates larger family issues. Other possible reasons for seeking counseling include:

·         When a child or teen is troubled, has behavioral problems or performs poorly in school

·         When a family member is abusing drugs or alcohol

·         When words or actions are physically or emotionally hurtful or abusive

·         When a physical struggle is used to settle disagreements

·         During times of family transition (for example, birth of child, child leaving home, separation, divorce, etc.)

·         When problems are recurring and never adequately solved

·         When one family member has a mental illness


Each Family Is Unique

Most people are reluctant to seek family counseling. Your family, too, may be reluctant to obtain professional help for problems at home. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your family cannot simply “work things out” on your own. 

I received specialized training as a family therapist in order to provide quality counseling to families needing help. I have several years of experience counseling families from many different backgrounds while working at Youth Villages, Ridgeview Institute, Emory University, and most recently at Grady Hospital.

One thing I have learned from my experiences counseling so many families is that each family is unique. A variety of family structures can create a "family" today, which may include parents, younger children, teens, adult children, grandparents, extended relatives, family friends, step-families, aunts, uncles, cousins, stepparents or others. Each family’s strengths and problems are also unique. 

How Family Counseling Helps

Family Counseling can be a powerful way to resolve conflicts, improve communication, and help with challenges that typically cause increased stress, such as major life transitions like re-marriage, death, or illness. Family counseling can also help your family identify and change dysfunctional communication and behavior patterns as well as improve your overall family relationship.  

I teach each family the skills they need to understand one another, deepen connection and manage stressful times. What families learn in counseling will continue even after counseling has concluded. Family counseling may focus on specific relationships within a family, the entire family, or as a supplement to individual therapy.


What to Expect

During our first meeting, I will:

·                  Get to know each family member

·                  Try to obtain a basic understanding of your family dynamic

·                  Identify the underlying issue that brought you to counseling

·                  Try to identify close or weak bonds between family members

·                  Try to identify communication and behavior patterns

·                  Ask about family values and beliefs as well as unspoken “rules”

·                  Review the therapeutic process, treatment termination, confidentiality and cost

Get Started

If your family needs help, please call me at 678-999-3390 or email me at Stephanie@CounselinATL.com. I would be happy to discuss your family’s goals, and how I might help. Alternatively, you may schedule online.