NEW! Counseling atl is now offering reduced cost Counseling Services to individuals, couples, and families in Atlanta

Jessica Settle, Graduate Counseling Intern

Jessica Settle, Graduate Counseling Intern

Your ability to afford counseling should never be a barrier to getting help. Counseling ATL, LLC, is now offering reduced cost counseling services in conjunction with Mercer University, as a training site for a graduate level counselors. Our graduate counseling intern, Jessica Settle, provides individual, couples, and family counseling services on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, including evening hours. 


What does it cost?

Most of the top therapists in Atlanta who do not work for insurance companies charge $140 - 180 per hour for therapy. The hourly rate to see the owner of Counseling ATL, LLC, Stephanie Cook, LCSW, is $160. We understand that these rates are not affordable for most people. We have designated a flat fee of $75 per session to see Jessica Settle, the graduate counseling intern at Counseling ATL, LLC.

How do I schedule my first counseling session with Jessica?

  1. Register as a new client and schedule immediately through the online scheduling portal here.
  2. Call our receptionist at 678-999-3390 to schedule.

To learn more about our graduate counseling intern, Jessica Settle, and the counseling services she provides, please click here

I have insurance. Can I use my insurance to pay the $75 fee?

Unfortunately, you cannot. One of the goals of Counseling ATL's reduced cost counseling service is to completely bypass the insurance industry. Our reduce cost service is intended for people who are either uninsured or underinsured. By “underinsured” we are referring to people who have a high deductible that they have yet to meet, or an unaffordable copay (more than $75). While some clients can use their HSA or FSA money to pay their therapist, our graduate student counseling interns will not submit to an insurance company on your behalf or provide you with a superbill.

What if I want to see Stephanie Cook, LCSW, for Counseling, but I can't afford her rates?

Stephanie Cook, LCSW offers a limited number of appointments on a reduced-fee basis, for which there is currently a waiting list. Please contact her at if you are interested in being added to the wait list. If you need to see someone now, see the list of lower cost counseling services in Atlanta (listed below)

What do I do If I can't afford $75 for counseling?

If you cannot afford the $75 session fee and need even lower fees for your counseling services, please look at the local resources listed below.

Other counseling agencies and organizations Providing Low Cost Counseling Services in atlanta, ga:

There are several other organizations and educational institutions in Georgia where low cost or sliding scale fee services are available to members of the community. Typically at these organizations, newer therapists are finishing their training, and these therapists provide the low fee counseling services. Usually, you will need to show proof of income, such as a W2 or a tax return, to be eligible for services. If you are interested in low-cost counseling, I encourage you to consider calling any of the following organizations for more information:

Open Path Collective: A nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing in-office mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to individuals, couples, children, and families in need.

Emory University Outpatient Psychotherapy Training Program: A Department of Psychiatry training program for new psychiatrists, providing evaluations and individual, couples and group therapy, as well as medication management, on a sliding fee scale; 404-727-0399.

Emory University Psychological Center: A Psychology Department therapy training center providing individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy on a sliding fee sale. They also provide a variety of lower cost psychological testing, including IQ, learning disability, attention deficit disorder and neuropsychological assessment services; 404-727-7451.

Georgia State University Psychology Clinic: A Georgia State Department of Psychology training center for new therapists providing individual, couples, family, group psychotherapy, and psychological testing on a sliding fee scale; 404-413-6229.

Mercer Family Therapy Center: A Mercer University training clinic for new therapists, providing couple and family therapy; located at Piedmont Hospital, near Buckhead; 678-547-6789

Care and Counseling Center of Georgia:  A nonprofit, ecumenical organization offering low cost counseling, pastoral care and education to individuals, couples, and families. They have several counselors in training. Located in Decatur, GA; 404-636-1457.  

Heartwork Counseling Center: A therapy training center providing some low fee counseling through their "Project Open Heart" program.  Located in Inman Park, near the Marta station; 404-658-1222.

Jewish Family & Career Services: An organization that provides health, career and human services, including low fee counseling services, serving people of all faiths. They have several locations and counselors in training; 770-677-9305. 

The Link Counseling Center:  A nonprofit community counseling center located in Sandy Springs, 404-256-9797, and Cobb County, 770-541-1114.

Karuna Counseling: Located off Clairmont Road just north of the Emory campus; 404-321-4307. 

Metropolitan Counseling Services: A nonprofit community counseling center and training center for new therapists providing low fee counseling services to adults, located in Atlanta, on Buford Highway; 404-321-0305. 

The Training & Counseling Center at St. Luke’s (TACC):  An outreach of St. Luke's Episcopal Church serving people of all faiths, providing sliding fee scale. Located in downtown Atlanta just south of Crawford Long Hospital off of Courtland Street; 404-876-6266.

Georgia Community Mental Health Service Boards: The publicly funded adult and youth community-based mental health service system in Georgia, for the treatment of mental health and addiction; 404-657-2136.