• Stephanie is available Tuesday - Friday, 11am - 4pm 
  • Jessica is available Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, with some evening hours
  • Lindsey is available Fridays and Saturdays, with some evening hours
  • David is available Sundays
  • Saturday couples workshops are offered quarterly

Scheduling & Fees

To schedule your first session, please call me at (678) 999-3390 or schedule online. If you do not reach me, please leave a message on my confidential voice-mail. When we first talk, I will ask you about why you are seeking counseling now and what you are hoping to change, and whether you prefer in-person or online sessions.  

Stephanie's fee is$160 per standard therapy session (45 min). The fee for the initial assessment session (80 min) is $240. Extended therapy sessions (80 min) are also offered for the same rate ($240). Most couples and families prefer extended sessions because there are simply more people who need time to talk. The graduate counseling interns, Jessica Settle, Lindsey Coltraine, and David Blanchard--offer reduced rate counseling services. Their initial session fee is $100 for the first hour and a half interview, and $75 per hour thereafter.

Payment is due at time of service, and online storage of credit card information for automatic, recurring processing is the required payment method. I accept debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express). 

Please note that 48 hour advance cancellation of scheduled appointments is required in order to avoid being charged for the full session fee.

I believe that therapy is an important decision and investment of time and money; You want to make sure you are making the right choice. Having a "good fit" between a client and therapist is critical for a successful outcome. This is why I offer a free 30 minute initial in-person or video consultation if you would like to meet me before deciding whether or not you would like to work with me. Here are some tips for choosing the right therapist.

If you cannot afford Stephanie's services, please consider contacting your insurance company (see instructions below) to learn how much of my services may be covered through your out-of-network provider benefits; however, the graduate counseling interns cannot be seen in conjunction with insurance.

Also, if you do not have insurance or need low fee counseling services, please consider seeing one of our graduate counseling interns, or contacting one of the training facilities, community counseling centers or educational institutions in Georgia listed here; your ability to afford treatment should never be a barrier to getting help.



I am not an "in-network" provider for any insurance companies and do not bill insurance companies directly; however, you may have an “out-of-network” benefit which allows you to see any therapist, pay directly, and then be partially reimbursed by your insurance provider. I can provide you with invoice / receipt so that you have documentation to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Many insurance companies will cover 50-100% of my fee as an “out-of-network” provider. 

The best way to determine what portion of my fee may (or may not) be reimbursed by your insurance company is to contact them directly by calling the customer service phone number on the back of your insurance card (there is often a separate phone number for mental health or “behavioral health” services information).  When speaking with your insurance company, you will want to ask them the following questions: 

  • What are my "out-of-network" outpatient mental health benefits? How much of each therapy session will your insurance provider reimburse (this is typically a percentage)?
  • Must I meet a deductible (the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance company will start to reimburse you) before my benefits will begin paying for out of network providers? Have you already paid any of this deductible?
  • Are there any limitations to services (e.g., only a certain amount of money allowed for mental health reimbursements, a limited number of sessions, reimbursement only for certain types of diagnoses, etc.)?
  • Do you need any kind of special referral (i.e., from a primary care doctor or your University Counseling Center) before I can be reimbursed?
  • How long will it take to get reimbursed after I mail my receipt? 
  • Where do I need to mail or email my receipt? 
  • Do my benefits cover online counseling? 

Many individuals who have health insurance elect not to use it for coverage of mental health services, and instead pay for therapy as an "out of pocket" expense, or use their flexible or health savings account.  Most often, this is due to concerns about the privacy of their health information, and the potential release of this information to health insurance companies and their affiliated entities.

Get Help with your Insurance BENEFITS

Want help determining your out-of-network benefits, and whether or not you will be able to get reimbursed for my services through your insurance? Want help filing your out-of-network receipts to your insurance to get reimbursed for my services?

Check out "Better - Health Insurance Claims Made Simple", a great new company and smartphone app that is created to help you advocate for yourself to get the most of your insurance benefits.  Better finds the money your health insurance owes you! Get paid back by your health insurance for your out-of-network therapy, chiropractic care, medical bills, and more.