The Gottman Approach

research-based Couples therapy

We help couples through what is called the "Gottman Method" approach to couples therapy. Drs. John and Julie Gottman are world renowned relationship experts with a background in both psychological research and psychotherapy.  For over four decades, they have been studying couples and developing the premiere, research-based form of couples therapy to improve relationships. 

Our entire team of highly trained couples therapists have completed all of the Gottman trainings (3 levels) and Stephanie Cook, LCSW, is Georgia’s first certified Gottman Therapist (CGT). We have helped hundreds of couples dramatically improve their relationships using this approach.  
As approved Gottman therapists, we are able to provide our clients with the complete Gottman couples therapy treatment, including a thorough assessment, feedback session, and ongoing therapy:

Step 1: Couples Interview

Your therapist will first meet with you as a couple for 90 minutes, to interview you about your history together and get to know more about your philosophy on relationships and goals for couples therapy. 


After your therapist meets with you together, you will be asked to separately complete a questionnaire online to give you a a tremendous head start in couples therapy. The Gottman Institute created this questionnaire, the "Relationship Checkup", a 400+ question online couples assessment. Why so many questions? Your Gottman therapist will thoroughly assess the most important areas of your relationship so that we can know exactly where to start and how to spend your time most effectively. 

Step 3: Individual Interviews

After your therapist has met with you together, and you've completed the online assessment, your therapist will then meet with each of you individually for an hour each to discuss your own views on the relationship, concerns, and beliefs. This allows each of you to speak to your therapist candidly about your relationship, and for me to get to know each of you as an individual.

Step 5: Feedback Session

After you have both met with your therapist as a couple, individually, and completed the online questionnaire, your therapist will spend one session providing you with thorough feedback on your relationship. This feedback session will help you start couples therapy with a better understanding of the strengths and challenges of your relationship, as well as an understanding of the Gottman research-based philosophy on what makes relationships work. Your therapist will explain your strengths and areas for growth using the "Sound Relationship House Theory".

Your therapist will also help you to understand what they believe about how your relationship has evolved, how problems have arisen, and how they plan to tailor couples therapy to your specific goals and concerns in a more efficient manner. The feedback session establishes a road map for your work together, with priorities and clear goals. They will then ask you if you would like to proceed with my recommendations for couples therapy, and ask you each if you are willing to do what they are asking you to do in order improve your relationship (or not!). 

Step 5: Couples Therapy Begins

Once you have completed our thorough assessment process, listened to feedback, and agreed to the plan for couples therapy, you and your therapist will begin your sessions. Most of our couples work with us anywhere from 5 - 15 sessions, every week or every other week. Some couples have met with us for over a year for more complex concerns, such as recovering from an affair, addiction, history of trauma, etc.. 

After Couples Therapy

Once you have successfully completed couples therapy, we typically recommend scheduling a "check in" appointment several months later to make sure that the improvements you have made are sustained, and to problem-solve any regressions into old patterns. Most of our couples find this reassuring to know that they can always come see me again if new concerns arise.

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